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VG quotes from the letter Breivik reportedly sent to Forts, in which he writes: "I have received letters from supporters in 20 countries, but you appear to be someone who can write well.

Yes, I am absolutely interested in discussing ideological issues with you and am thinking about how we can work together." It could be a craving for attention that is now pushing the young American into the public eye.

Breivik reportedly developed his nationalism during the war in Yugoslavia, where he claims to have known Serbian nationalists who framed the civil war in the former Yugoslavia as a fight between Christianity and Islam.

"Breivik is proof that the anti-Islam movement can radicalize people," says Poohl.

"But I want to, so that I can represent the views of Anders Breivik that have otherwise been demonized by the mass media," the 23-year-old told* reporters from the Norwegian tabloid VG, the country's most-read newspaper.

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Tørrissen reported that the letter writers "use the same language, the same terminology as Breivik.

Letters Full of Support In the second psychological report on Breivik, Terje Tørrissen, one of the two experts commissioned to determine whther the killer is mentally fit to stand trial, stated that the mass murderer had received more than 100 letters of support from Sweden, Russia, Germany and Britain.

"These letters are full of support and they contain the same political views held by the defendant," according to the newspaper VG, which cited the secret reports.

And there are also extremists, who hate Islam and see the world in danger." Anders Breivik belongs to the second category.

He has boasted that as a "crusader" against Islam, he is fighting immigrants who infiltrate Western nations where they would soon gain power, with support from multiculturalists in the left-leaning parties in government, such as the Labour Party of Norway.

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