Android developers console not updating

This obviously caused the problem because only ONE of the projects in the solution contained entries for Nuget packages in it's packages.config file while the remaining projects in the solution contained none.When all packages were updated using the command only the ONE project containing entries in it's packages.config file were updated with the correct project references.

Make sure you select an image with Google APIs when creating AVD.For me this started working after running the emulators maps app once.During the first start you are asked to allow google apps access to your location, which I guess does the trick.To connect to the console open a command line and type You then can use the geo command to set a latitude, longitude and if needed altitude on the device that is passed to all programs using the gps location provider. The specific command to run in the console is I found this site useful for finding a realistic lat/lng: you need more then one coordinate you can use a kml file with a route as well it is a little bit described in this article. and manually determining the specific latitude and longitude coordinates.Unable to find anything, I put together a little program that uses GWT and the Google Maps API to launch a browser-based map tool to set the GPS location in the emulator: android-gps-emulator Hopefully it can be of use to help others who will undoubtedly stumble across this difficulty/question as well.

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