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Then the story leaps forward about 15 years to when he’s introduced to Ramona Ray (Annabella Sciorra), a tour guide at the Brooklyn Museum and a graduate student in art history at Columbia University, and they start having an affair.We eventually learn that Lester works as a high school substitute teacher — it’s characteristic of the chummy, upscale narrowness of Baumbach’s world that details such as what people do for a living usually aren’t accorded much importance.You might say that he plays James Stewart to Eigeman’s John Wayne in John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, another key cinematic reference point in Baumbach’s movie.Both Alfred Hitchcock and Anthony Mann adroitly brought out Stewart’s neurotic traits, but Baumbach treats Stoltz in a more Fordian fashion.In fact, one thing that makes Hav Plenty fresh is the absence of overt attention paid to the characters’ blackness; the class difference between Plenty and everyone else is more of an issue than the racial or cultural background of anyone.

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Jealousy both times I saw them, though I couldn’t believe in either all the way through, and neither made me laugh out loud very often.

It all makes for a lively, graceful surface while Baumbach recounts the first date of 15-year-old Lester Grimm and its traumatic aftermath: he takes a girl to Jean Renoir’s Rules of the Game and to dinner at an Italian restaurant, doesn’t screw up the nerve to kiss her when he sees her home, then briefly spies her kissing a 24-year-old at a party a few weeks later.

As in The Magnificent Ambersons – another of Baumbach’s movie models that has an impersonal narrator — the seeds of the story are planted in the opening moments: we’re told that Lester (played as an adult by Eric Stoltz) becomes obsessed with the previous sex lives of all his subsequent girlfriends.

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