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The character plays a large and important role in season 4, appearing in every episode although being credited as a guest star instead of being in the main credits.

In earlier seasons, he is identified by his tendency to issue orders on notepads, to avoid being recorded, a tendency which he fully abandons by the fourth season.

The characters are listed alphabetically by their last name or by the name which appears in the episode credits.

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Under duress and the threat of his daughter Lisa's life, he allows the Scylla team to escape, only in the end realizing Michael has planned everything, including the getaway.

In the following episodes, the General is put under immense pressure as he must direct efforts to retrieve Scylla while dealing with dissent amongst his own ranks.

After learning in "Just Business" that Gretchen Morgan and Self has Scylla, he sends his men to retrieve it and eliminate all threats to The Company. Discovering that he is in an unstable condition, he is taken back to Company HQ.

After he is informed that Christina is the buyer of Scylla, which Lincoln had neglected to tell him, the General travels to Miami with a number of henchmen to take charge himself.

The General’s screen time again increases somewhat in these final episodes, setting up for the eventual resolution of his character arc.

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