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: The site contains samples of all the key habitats that characterize the Cerrado ecoregion - one of the oldest tropical ecosystems of the Earth.It hosts more than 60% of all plant species and almost 80% of all vertebrate species observed in the Cerrado.Projects for the creation of biological corridors are under development to prevent these parks, especially Emas, from becoming islands surrounded by agricultural land.Protection and management requirements Both parks are legally registered in the "Integral Protection Group" within the "National System of Conservation Units" of Brazil, equivalent to an IUCN Category II Protected Area.Rooms at Pousada do Capão feature a minibar, wardrobe and private bathrooms.

Pendant des millénaires, ces sites ont servi de refuges à plusieurs espèces lors des périodes de changements climatiques, et ils resteront indispensables au maintien de la biodiversité du Cerrado lors de futures modifications climatiques.

De regio is van uitzonderlijke schoonheid dankzij uitgestrekte hoogvlakten met watervallen en kristalheldere bronnen.

Nationaal park Emas maakt deel uit van het plateau Serra dos Caiapós, de belangrijkste waterscheiding tussen de La Plata in het zuiden en de Amazone in het noorden.

: The current protected areas of the site played a key role for thousands of years in maintaining the biodiversity of the Cerrado ecoregion.

Because of their central position and their altitudinal variation, they served as relatively stable refuges for species during climate changes that displaced the Cerrado along a north-south or east-west axis. The climate marked by the two well-defined seasons (dry and wet), the recurrence of fires and the high concentration of aluminum, as well as the extremely acid and nutrient-deprived soil, have resulted in unique progressive adaptations in the flora and fauna.

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