Chat bot that can send pics

These message attachments can either be uploaded directly in adding Rich Cards or you can set an embedded URL link in the bot's message conversation.1) Click on the Embed widget: Webviews Control for Facebook messenger.You add a phrase for the Slackbot to watch for, and then tell it how to respond.

The attribution opens a conversation with your bot when tapped.

You're discussing a problem with your team and need a link to the bug to show them exactly what you're talking about.

You could open your browser, search for the bug, and, once you find it, then paste it into your conversation.

For example, once you build a Slack Zap, it can watch for commands in any chat channel and kick off a workflow in another app, or track down info in one tool and send it back to Slack.

That's how you can build the most powerful bots in your own Zapier-powered slash commands, as we'll walk you through below. Type in the replies, and your account will be personalized without a click, like magic.

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