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Please complete the form and one or more specific categories (normally subcategories of Category: Chemical compounds).

Alternative method: == Comments == High-resolution black/white .

Therefore, save as a 1200 dpi greyscale TIFF image and decrease the color depth to 2 bit (black and white) during image processing. You may use the vbs script at User: Smallman12q/Scripts/Transperify to make the background transparent.

Another option is to open the file with Inkscape, right-click on the structure and select "Ungroup", then click anywhere on the white background and hit delete, then save again.

If anyone could find a fix for this windowing bug that would be great by the way.

These guidelines are necessarily quite technical, and are intended for editors with some experience of drawing chemical structure diagrams and reaction schemes.

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Another problem seems to be the fact that you can't copy/paste structures and 3D pictures by using the clipboard, but that's a problem that the windows version has also.This advantage is bought by a divergence from the ideal geometry. To which extend these divergences are tolerable depends on the individual case and on quality demands. Pseudochirality centers may turn out as pitfalls (e.g. These specifics are to be considered in the SMILES code, i.e.the correct relative energy minimum is to be manually assured. PNG images directly with the requirements outlined above.For a less technical overview of the issues involved, see Wikipedia: Molecular structure diagram.Stereocenter display may be enabled by choosing View → Stereo → R/S Labels: All.

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