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The whole shopping thing, and how they can talk to each other forever about nothing, and the chocolate insanity, and all the stupid cultural things they want to drag you to, and a bunch of other stuff. We think, how stupid, and then try to hit on women with stuff that makes sense to us.So...right, I get it, that wasn't the smartest approach.There are many variations of online dating scams originating in Russia and Eastern Europe but they have in common a high emotional and financial cost to unsuspecting scam victims.

Good Gifts: What’s Good and Why Section 2: Gifts You Can Wrap Movies, Music, and Books Clothes and Jewelry Personalized Gifts Hobbies, Interests, and Activities Food and Drink Toys, Kitsch, Puzzles, and Games Survey of Gift Catalogs and Web Sites Keeping Her Warm Travel and Professional Gifts Assembly and Presentation Section 3: Gifts of the Heart, Mind, and Calendar Concerts, Vacations, Surprise Parties, and More Luxury Items Gifts For Her Children, Family, and Pets Intangible Gifts Practical Gifts Gifts of Principle and Philanthropy Written Gifts Section 4: How and When to Give Gifts Unexpected Gifts When to Give Gifts Section 5: Gift-Giving Systems and Processes Gift Scheduling Finding Your Inner Gift-Giving Genius Getting to Know Your Honey I can't guarantee that the stuff in here will work for you, but I'm really, really, confident that if you try some of these things--using a wing woman, taking women-friendly classes, going places where you're going to be the only guy--you're going to meet a lot of women. Fixups Singles Groups Just Asking For a Date Directly Getting a Date Through Internet Personals and Speed Dating Going on a First Date Where to Go on a First Date The End of the Date Getting a Second Date and Beyond What to Do on Subsequent Dates Remember to Remember Things Eventually, Invite Her Over for Dinner I haven't used dating books before (yeah, sure, he says) mostly because there always seemed to be enough women around. I haven't had the book long but here's how a couple things worked out for me.Except now there don't seem to be as many women around anymore, they're all married or have men lined up around the block, so I thought, well, what the heck. One of the things is just ask some woman her opinion.I thought OK, now or never, looked around for someone and found a nice-looking girl going through the books at the bestsellers table.Here's my opinion: The pluses: Despite what the haters say about this book, it actually does have some interesting ideas on where to find large groups of women in their "safe" places (i.e. There are some great basic ideas that amount to listening, confidence, and ice breakers for various situations. But if you are purchasing this book, you probably are clueless enough that you want to go to "school" and learn.HOWEVER, The minuses: The book doesn't really offer a great framework or methodology. Having never been mean to any guy that has hit on me, my personal experience has led me to believe that quite a lot of guys fundamentally miss the point about how to approach women, what you are attempting to accomplish in the short run, how to read body language, how to recover, and how to bail out with your pride.

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