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My intention here is to show as wide a selection of old photographs as I can find in order to present a rounded picture of the immediate past of Qatar by the addition of what I hope will be an appropriate commentary.

These photographs are a relatively limited resource at present, but I’m sure that, with time, more will become available and, if relevant, posted here.

They might usefully be read in association with the page looking at the history of the peninsula.The first two photographs here, are likely to have been taken from the same image, captured in April 1937, and show an aerial view of the ruined fort at Helwan, situated to the south-east of Zubara.Also included are photographs taken from a publication of the Qatar History Committee in 1977.In the background can be seen the military fort with its westerly extension to the right, later taken down.Regrettably I have no knowledge about the building and what its use might have been.

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