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In about half an hour you can come from Karup to Herning.

Are you coming as a business tourist and must take part in fairs/congresses in Scandinavia’s largest fair and exhibition centre, or are you coming as a guest for one of the amazing concerts in MCH Multiarena Herning, Denmark’s first indoor multi-flexible hall of its kind, or do you like total peace and tranquillity in some of Denmark’s most beautiful nature. Tourist information - Click here Webpage of Herning Municipality Holstebro – from the North Sea to the Limfjord To the west, the roar of the North Sea dominates along with the wide beaches and the sand dunes.

To the east, the wind blows over the waters of the Limfjord and the hilly landscape.

In the middle of it all, woods and moorland surround the town of Holstebro with its many shops and cultural experiences.

Here you will find experiences whether you are interested in an active holiday or in a walk in peace and quiet in the large forests.

However, the Silkeborg Region is much more than this.

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Se også Ring til os , Kontakt til afdelinger eller Find medarbejder Hjælp til digital selvbetjening ». Hvis du betaler lånet tilbage, får du et nedslag på de renter, der er påløbet efter 1. Akademiker dating: Find en partner der giver dig modspil. These are just a few of the words used to describe the scenery of the Skive region.The Skive region is surrounded by the Limfjord with a coastline of around 190 km.

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