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You should still take care of your car and perform vital maintenance checks to keep your vehicle in great condition.Below are some of the vital checks that you must do to maximize your Cadillac SRX's performance and avoid the risks of breakdowns: Though your car is not known for breakdowns, having a toolkit in the car will always come in handy.The lifehammer can cut through seatbelts in case of jamming while the multi-drive wrench will help you manage various sizes and kinds of bolts and nuts.

To check the tire pressure, you should use an air pressure gauge or garage air line. You should also look for cuts on the sidewalls of your tires and make sure there is no puncture that can cause the tire to deflate slowly while driving. Your car's engine oil performs many functions like keeping engine components from grinding together and getting damaged with friction.No wonder it has been Cadillac’s best-selling model in the U. Under the hood was either the 255hp High-Feature V6 or the 320ho, 4.6 liter Northstar V8 mated with either a five or a six-speed automatic transmission.Magnaride, four-wheel-drive, and rear-wheel-drive systems were also available.If you notice that your car's oil level drops faster than usual, it's indicative of an engine problem. Change the oil and the filter at the recommended intervals and make sure to use the right oil replacement.Consult your owner's manual for your oil and filter's service intervals.

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