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The car was purchased wholesale from a local Toyota dealer, and servicing performed including the brakes.The G 37 is a local car purchased wholesale from a local dealer.The dealership works with two body shops for collision repairs, and has an on-site body person for minor repairs.According to the seller, they had bought the write-off from ICBC and sent it to repair, after which it received two ICBC approved inspections.Curbsiders are usually not licensed, so beyond the reach of most of the oversight by regulators.This visit earned a Fail because the curbsider misrepresented himself as the owner.In English there were no representations to that effect.

Extra fees: 0 DOC Lots of good-looking inventory, with a concentration on high-end vehicles.

For 0 he can get a set of four good used tires installed so the car is delivered ready for winter (another nice touch). APA’s expert says both vehicles are in very good condition. Both vehicles are covered by the balance of their power train warranties to five years 100,000 km.

The seller says a good extended warranty from an independent company costs a lot of money; protection is similar to the manufacturer plans.

According to the expert, the hail would have to fall sideways from the left and from the right for all those panels to be damaged due to hail, which usually attacks horizontal surfaces only.

2009 Subaru Legacy According to the dealer, the car had been involved in a rear-end collision and only the bumper and trunk were replaced.

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