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But what happens when your career becomes the subject of national debate?

“It's blown up on such a huge scale," she says, attracting coverage in Lebanon and in Lebanese news channels in the U. "Everybody from my second cousins to family friends to my parents’ friends know…it’s not something that’s going to be forgiven.”Khalifa says she feels guilty that her family has been caught up in the controversy.

But that was never my intention.”The moral indignation about Mia Khalifa, presumably the first Lebanese porn star, is wrong for two reasons,” he wrote on Facebook.

“First and foremost, as a woman, she is free to do as she pleases with her body.

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Born in Beirut, her parents moved to Montgomery County in Maryland when she was around 10 years old. Based in Miami, she has her own place at a time when one in four people her age live with their parents (who ).During his time with The Urban Shamans, Khadafi developed a unique performance style that he has carried over to the Dubstep scene. Khadafi then became an introverted teenager as he struggled to make the adjustment from public to private school.He was awarded a basketball scholarship in high school where he excelled on the basketball court but struggled socially.Biography Khalief Khadafi aka Khadafi Dub was born in Philadelphia, PA to a music family.Khadafi started out as Konfidential in the Philadelphia hip hop scene before taking a break from music and resurfaced using his birth name, Khalief Khadafi, in the World Beat Band The Urban Shamans as a percussionist and vocalist.

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