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As the trip is long and you'll arrive quite late into quirky city of Bergen, there won't be too much time to explore today, but you will have all day tomorrow.There are some great sea food restaurants in town, so possibly venture out with the group for a bite to eat.Although a global ban on commercial whaling came into effect in 1986, approximately 1,000 whales are still being killed every year, as Iceland, Norway and Japan ignore the ban.We strive not to visit places that serve whale on any of our trips, however often this is unavoidable and there is a likelihood that you will come across whale meat on a menu or at a market stand.If you're going to be late, please inform the hotel reception.

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The name Naeroyfjord takes its origins from the Norse god of seafarers and the sea, Njord.Your accommodation is located near the village of Gudvangen and has electricity, running water and a kitchen.Some rooms have private and some have shared (mixed) toilets/shower facilities.Perhaps visit the 13th century Bergenhus Fortress, one of the oldest and best preserved castles in Norway.Also, make sure you journey on the Floy Mountain Funicular, taking you 1,050 feet abve the city in just seven minutes, and offering amazing views of the deep blues of the sea and the pastel coloured houses from the top of Floyen mountain.

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