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We also have lots of fun and again she lets me be me with this warped sense of humour.

Or how do we say no to receiving another young child who was kept locked up in a room for months and found naked, malnourished, drugged, mute and covered with feces?She does an outstanding job of finding workers that understand the importance of JOY in caregiving.With their help I was able to continue to care for my husband in our home long past what would otherwise have been possible. I don't know what I'd do without them." -DC "Acquiring the services of the wonderful staff at Granddaughters' Personal Care, has been such a positive experience during both routine and very difficult times. Fridays are my day out and my companion picks me up and we go shopping.We are now serving children from around the globe: Russia, China, Ethiopia, the Philippines and Eritrea.Over recent months, the Lord has equipped us to care for these children by sending godly, capable staff to assist in this ministry.

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