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LIST OF ST CANDIDATES SCHEDULED ON 27 JUNE 2017 AT 1.00 PM 5. I - Physics (other university) Provisional Merit list for M. LIST OF SC CANDIDATES SCHEDULED ON 27 JUNE 2017 AT 10.30 AM 4.Click here for Seminar Brochure Click here for Registration Form A five days residential INSPIRE science awareness camp for students of XI from 20th to 24th December 2016 sponsored by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. Inspire Dec 2016 Photos Mentor's feedback Student's daily feedback Student's feedback (overall) Strategies for Success By Dr. Invitation of Inauguration Invitation of Valedictory function Time Table(INSPIRE Camp Dec-2016) List of Mentors Brochure of INSPIRE Camp Dec-2016 Organizing Team Instructions to participants & Application form Important Links FEW SEATS ARE AVAILABLE IN M. Rajaram's online biography claims that their joint effort is"the most important breakthrough of our time in the history of Indianhistory and culture."Boasts like this do not surprise battle-scarred Indologists familiarwith Rajaram's work. By the mid-1990s, he couldclaim a following in India and in �migr� circles in the U. Inmanufacturing his public image, Rajaram traded heavily on claims, notjustified by his modest research career, that before turning tohistory "he was one of America's best-known wor kers in artificialintelligence and robotics." Hyperbole abounds in his online biography,posted at the ironically named "Sword of Truth" website.The Hindutvapropaganda site, located in the United States, pictures Rajaram as a"world-renowned" expert o n "Vedic mathematics" and an "authority onthe history of Christianity." The last claim is supported by violentlyanti-Christian works carrying titles like Christianity's Collapsing Empire and Its Designs in India.

Thesuggestion was that man's earliest message was linked to India'soldest religious text.1 The claim was hardly trivial, since this wasover 2,000 year s before Indologists date the Rigveda - and more than1,000 years before Harappan culture itself reached maturity. LIST OF OBC CANDIDATES SCHEDULED ON 27 JUNE 2017 AT 10.30 AM 3.Horseplay In Harappa - The Indus Valley Decipherment Hoax Author: Michael Witzel, Steve Farmer Publication: Frontline Date: October 13, 2000MICHAEL WITZEL, a Harvard University Indologist, and STEVE FARMER, acomparative historian, report on media hype, faked data, and Hindutvapropaganda in recent claims that the Indus Valley script has beendecoded.This was not the first claim that the writing of the Indus Valley Civilisation (fl. Butthe claims of Rajaram and Jha went far beyond those of any recenthistorians.Not only had the principles of decipherment beendiscovered, but the entire corpus of texts could now be read.

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