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Smiling her most devilish smile, Suzie reached through the bars of my cage and playfully wiggled my nose.

Suzie was impeccably dressed in her carefully tailored business suit while I was naked and cuffed in a slave cage. I whimpered into my gag as Suzie stroked my hair through the bars like I was a puppy she was thinking of buying.

However all I could do was squirm helplessly as she toyed with me like a cat playing with a trapped mouse.

"I think we'll start with a slave grading," Suzie purred.

As I turned the spray was powerful enough to actually work its way between my butt cheeks - I was literally cleaned inside and out, albeit in the most humiliating and industrial manner imaginable.

The mailroom oaf came with a rough bristle scrub brush and bending me forward he washed under my arms and between my legs.

I was wheeled down to the basement and outside to the loading dock.

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However something about walking through the club naked, surrounded by free women and with all those male eyes ogling me made me decidedly uncomfortable. "No, I don't have a slave, at least not yet," she said, casting me a sly aside. My friend Tracy is a free woman but she wants to do her Slave Yoga classes in the nude, and since she doesn't want to stroll stark naked through the club to get back to the locker room we were wondering if you'd let her shower with the other slave girls." "Why don't you just bring something for her to wear in the work out room? "She can get dressed there." "No, we want her to leave naked with the other slave girls, so the men watching don't realize she's a free woman, and they think she's just another slave." "Performing naked for a bunch of men is humiliating. "Plus having the clothes there — even as a backup - wouldn't be the same.

As a lawyer who specialized in slave law it would be easy enough for her to push me through the system all the way to the auction block. Suzie rose, giving me a wonderful view of her Gucci shoes and black pencil skirt as she considered my fate.

It terrified me, but strangely enough, also left me terribly aroused! I was not, of course, a lesbian, or "slave hot." I was a free woman, after all. "Of course there is the technical matter of your legal status, but I can sort that out easily enough.

Instead, she Ubered a car and a few minutes later we were walking back through the front doors of our health club.

I had been through so much that morning that at first it was difficult for me to focus on the task at hand.

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