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“Policing is a fantastic career with a wide range of disciplines and opportunities.Motorists faced delays near the Orwell Bridge this morning after a two-vehicle crash.“Talented individuals, attracted to the idea of entering the police service as a detective have an exciting future.I would urge anyone who thinks this may be for them to contact us and see if this could be the career for them.It really is an extraordinary opportunity.” • To apply, see here.The selection process will involve a written application and assessment centre.People with backgrounds in accountancy, IT, health, and higher education are encouraged to apply.Those with previous convictions will not be automatically prevented from being appointed.

But how does it compare to the many others who have played him?It takes place at: Assembly Hall, Suffolk Constabulary Police Headquarters, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 3QS.Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: “I’m really pleased to see Suffolk Constabulary leading the way, this campaign to recruit police officers specifically as detectives is very innovative and is absolutely right for Suffolk.As well as offences such as burglary, robbery and sexual assaults, detectives pursue criminals who increasingly exploit the internet and technology to commit their crimes.“Whilst we must never forget the value of policing experience, I believe the detective entry scheme has huge potential and will be of great interest to those who recognise their potential to work with the vulnerable who may become victims and the anti-social who break the law.

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