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In this case, it was Ricardo’s question on how to select a specific record from a data connection to a database for editing in a form.

If you read my previous post on Connecting a Form to a Database, you might’ve realized that the result was a single live data connection to the entire set of records in a database.

Microsoft Fix It is a relative new way of solving problems that occur in the Windows operating system.

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But what if you wanted the form to filter, on the spot, the data loaded from the data connection?

For example, you might want to let the user pick from the different movie categories (action, comedy or drama) and then let them iterate through only that subset of the Movie Database.

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First, get the category selected by the user and determine it’s associated ID: Opening the data connection will cause the explicit bindings you set earlier on the fields in the movie Data subform pertaining to the movie title and show time data to be used in order to load data from the xfa.record.

Next, create a subform (let’s call it “movie Data”) which contains fields with explicit bindings to the data nodes from the Movies In Cat data connection using the Binding tab in the Object palette.

Also, add the Data Connection Controls object from the Connecting a Form to a Database sample to this subform (making the proper adjustments for the data connection name in each button’s Click event script) and make this subform invisible.

In this sample, I’ve defined two data connections to the Movie Database: If you look at the node which contains information about the query currently being used by each data connection.

That’s what we ultimately want to modify once the user picks a movie category: You should note that the query node’s command Type attribute value is very important. That’s because having data nodes with the names “id” and “name” in your data connection will give you a lot of headaches when attempting to iterate through the xfa.record.

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