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Armadyl godsword specials should be used on Graardor.

If two attackers have Bandos godswords, they should stagger their Special Attacks so only one of them uses a special per kill.

He also can drop a Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, or Bandos Boots at 4. Minions Do not underestimate the minions, they can still hit reasonably hard.

After you finish killing Graardor, the last person to hit Graardor will be piled by all 3 minions.

If someone has a Saradomin godsword and wishes to use it to heal, it would be wise to save it for a minion as they are easier to hit.

Be sure to communicate this with your other attackers.

After each kill, communicate with your team to see who needs bones the most.

Graardor has two attacks: A powerful Melee attack which hits upwards of 60 And a Ranged attack which hits all players within the room for up to 35.

Be sure to keep above 50 Hitpoints while fighting Graardor or his minions as damage can quickly stack up.

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