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WORCS members visit https://secure.tracksideprereg.com/worcs/ (now mobile friendly! Don't forget that each round, your pre entry makes you eligible to win sweet @campchef gear!

On site regsitration will be available again this year but classes did fill up so don't risk losing your spot in this amazing event!

“Knowing that I caught all of these guys, I was happy to get this.

“I’ve had some pretty bad luck this year, so pulling off a third in my first year in Pro is more than I could have asked for,” said Anderson, who now sits third in points.Broughton now leads the Women’s championship by 16 points ahead of Green.The next race for the WORCS SXS classes is scheduled for April 21-23 at Sand Hollow in Hurricane, UT.“I was really surprised at how quickly I was picking people off. He finished 15 there, though he is now right back in contention for the championship, 30 points behind Haagsma.Beau Baron started on third row and laid back early before turning up the wick.

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